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Our Black Belts (Yudanshas)
Sensei Greg Reid, 8th Dan
Sensei Greg Reid is the founder and Chief Instructor at C.A.S.K. Please click here for his full bio.







Sensei Jimi Crooks, 5th Dan

Sensei Jimi Crooks, an executive member of the Cayman Martial Arts Association, is a Godan (5th-degree blackbelt) in Wado, Godan (5th degree black belt) in Kyokushin Kai, Yondan (4th -degree blackbelt) in Tae Kwon Do and Sandan (3rd-degree blackbelt) in Seido Karate.

Born in 1956 in Jamaica, West Indies, Sensei Crooks was first introduced to karate by his nephew in Brooklyn, New York, at the age of 13.

On his return to Jamaica, and after several unsuccessful attempts, because of his age, at joining a karate school, he finally ended up at the local YMCA studying Kyo Kushin Kai Kan.

He was awarded the rank of Shodan (first-degree black belt) in Seido Juku Karate in 1974 by Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura and the late Shihan William Oliver.

Having competed and winning in numerous tournaments in both kata and kumite, he became recognized primarily for his tamishiwari abilities, particularly head breaks.

Crooks sensei taught karate at the Jamaica Defence Force military camp, producing several blackbelts. He also established a dojo at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus.

In 1986 he moved to the Turks and Caicos Islands and started the only martial arts school on the Islands – teaching both civilian and members of the police force.

In 1992 he established the first Seido Karate dojo in Houston, Texas. The dojo was started primarily for adults but quickly expanded to include children.


On his return to the Cayman Islands, after a five-year hiatus, he resumed training at local dojos and now studies under the tutorage of Saiko Shihan Greg Reid.




Sensei Pedro Reis, 3rd Dan
Pedro Reis was born in Portugal and trained in Shotokan Karate under the legendary Sensei Enoeda throughout the early part of his life. He took a break from training while in university and has resumed his study in the Cayman Islands at CASK Karate. He is married and has two children, his wife is also a black belt with CASK. Pedro works in the financial industry.







Patricia Rutkowski, 2nd Dan
Nidan Patricia is from the Cayman Islands. Her husband and two children train with CASK as well. She was one of the first women at CASK to earn her first degree black belt in 2012, and she instructs the  CASK Youth Program. She was awarded her 2nd degree black belt in 2014.







Zuzana Leitmannova, 2nd Dan
Zuzana was born in Slovakia and trains with both the CASK Women's Program and Co-Ed Program. She was one of the first women at CASK to earn her first degree black belt in 2012. A musician, she teaches violin at the Cayman Music School, and also performs locally. She was awarded her 2nd degree black belt in 2014.






Paul Lawrence, 2nd Dan

I was born in London, UK in 1958, and I took my first Karate class at age 14. I have studied various styles but primarily Shotokan I have taken several long breaks from training over my lifetime but have always come back to Karate. I had reached green belt in the eighties prior to moving to Cayman in 1989.  Following a break of almost 12 years, I resumed training now in Wado under Sensei Greg Reid and finally made it to Shodan in 2008, and then Nidan in 2011.


 I see Karate as a very useful tool which helps develop confidence, self-discipline and as an excellent long-term fitness program with an emphasis on core strength and flexibility.

                                I look forward to continuing my training long into the future.







Tani Reis, 1st Dan
Tani started training Shotokan Karate in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil when she was 8 years old. Her father, a brown belt and her sister, a third level green belt also trained in the same dojo called Garra Karatê Club under the supervision of Sensei Temistocles Saldanha and later joined another school under the supervision of Sensei Waldir Santos Silva.
Tani trained for competition quite often as her outcomes in tournaments showed that she was a good bet. She won first place is Kata individual in Bahia’s Championship when she was 13, and won other inter-club tournaments, earning 6 trophies and 6 medals.
She had stopped practicing karate when she was a blue belt at the age of 13 to give more attention to her family’s business.
In Cayman, she returned to karate, attending the co-ed classes adapting her previous training and experience in Shotokan karate to the Wado style, earning her brown and black belts.
She attended every women’s class while pregnant with her second child, and only missing the last class before giving birth!
Her next steps will be preparing herself for second degree black belt. She will continue to help CASK karate grow, and to show as many people as possible how great karate is!







Tameka Cox, 2nd Dan
I started training in the Cayman Islands with Sensei Greg Reid in 2007 when I was 7 years old. I earned my black belt in 2011 and successfully graduated to 2nd degree black belt in December 2013.
I know that with hard work and dedication all things are possible. My journey in Karate has just begun and I look forward to all that the future holds.