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The Value Of Private Lessons
When we join a martial arts school, we take on an amazing journey of self discovery, we always have a motive as to why we decided to join. Maybe we wanted to learn a method of self-protection, or maybe we wanted to build our confidence, or maybe we need to learn how to focus better and make a few new friends along the way. Aside from what got us in the door, we soon find that we reap so many other benefits if we have a good instructor who runs a reputable school.

At C.A.S.K., we feel you should set a goal to become a black belt, but to become the best black belt you are capable of becoming. So how can you take the best step of getting there? It's simple... private lessons. Private lessons give you the one on one time with your instructor so that he can know exactly where you are, assist you in what you need to work on, teach you the material in a timely fashion, constantly assess you and tweak things to allow you to progress promptly and to the best of your ability.

At C.A.S.K., we offer one hour private lessons to our students. Lessons can be taken as often or as little as you would like on a monthly basis.

"Constant practice brings direct results"