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About CASK and Wado Karate

The Cayman Associated School of Karate-do was founded by Sensei Greg Reid (8th Dan). 


C.A.S.K. runs beginner, intermediate, and black belt programs year round, with students receiving a chance to compete nationally and abroad.  The style of Karate taught is WADO, which is one of the four largest styles of karate in the world.  C.A.S.K. is affiliated with Wado Karate Association of Canada, Shintani Karate-do, ISKF, and WUKO.

The word “WADO” means “school/way to peace”.  The style WADO was created by Hironori Otsuka (1892-1982) in 1934 in Japan.  Master Otsuka formed WADO from traditional shurite-type karate from Okinawa, concentrating on the use of light and quick movements in conjunction with hip and body shifting.  Master Otsuka also incorporated his earlier jujitsu into WADO Karate. 

In North America, the late Master Masaru Shintani was the supreme head for all WADO; C.A.S.K. was under his direct guidance.  Master Shintani held a ninth degree black belt, and was Master Otsuka’s senior student.  Master Greg Reid is Master Shintani’s successor and is the technical director for Wado Canada.

Master Masaru Shintani

Shihan Greg Reid

Master Masaru Shintani talks about Karate

Master Masaru Shintani and Shihan Greg Reid demonstrate Karate and Shindo

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