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The Family That Trains Together Stays Together:

Karate Training As A Pathway Towards Family Unity

Caymanians are increasingly caught in a 'time squeeze'. Similar to our counterparts in many other countries, we are working longer hours, taking less vacation time, spending less leisure time with family members, and as our population ages, dealing with increased family care-giving responsibilities. In study after study, many families are finding it increasingly difficult to balance the many demands of work and family.

So, where do we find family time? One place to search is the time carved out for recreation. With a bit of creativity and perseverance, families can find activities that all members enjoy and can do together often. Many families are going to the Karate School as a place to meet up and spend quality time together.

To explore how family members derive meaning and significance with one another, we reached out and asked one simple question:


"How do you feel about training in Karate as a family?"

The Grieff Family

The Karate Family Training Experience

  • Time Together - Families in Karate like the fact that this is an activity that they can do together rather than watching each other from the sidelines.


  • A Sense Of Family Unity/ Working As A Team - Karate training allows parents and children to work together to achieve their goals.


  • Promoting Understanding and Respect Between Family Members - Karate emphasizes respect and discipline, which provides a great context for learning, as well as a model for family interactions outside of Karate.


  • Added Incentive To Be Active - Doing Karate with your family makes it much more difficult to find excuses not to train.


  • Creating Family Traditions - Karate families can celebrate their successes together after each class or graduation.

The Rutkowski Family

Recommendations For Families Seeking A Family Karate Experience


There is no innate reason why family members of different generations cannot take part in Karate training. The physical and mental benefits associated with Karate, which include increased fitness, focus, and self-confidence extend across the lifespan.

As evident in the above points, there are also family strengthening properties associated with training together as a family. To maximize these benefits, it helps to think of the experience as more than just an opportunity to be together in time and space. It's also a chance to explore and enjoy a shared interest, and in so doing contribute to a sense of closeness within the family.

The Reis Family

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