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Women's Karate

C.A.S.K. Karate believes in the benefits for women training in karate. At C.A.S.K., women of all ages are encouraged to train in either our specialized Women's Classes, in our Co-Ed Adult Program ... or both!


The environment is communicative and supportive. The class is broken into three component parts thus making it easy to learn:

  • Physical Fitness

  • Karate Training

  • Self-Defense


All classes are incremental and because of its highly scientific approach, you will feel comfortable, learn easily and reach your goals at your own pace. In this class you can work towards your Black Belt and feel positive, confident and happy with your progress. You can join anytime and feel the amazing benefits that learning karate can have on your life. The Women's Program is extremely user friendly and a great way to develop new lifelong friendships.

Don't hesitate, Karate is for YOU!
C.A.S.K. Karate = Success

5 Reasons YOU Should Join C.A.S.K. Karate!


You WILL get into Great Shape:


Each class is a total workout, incorporating both upper and lower body strength conditioning, co-ordination, and flexibility, increasing your aerobic and anaerobic capacity and burning off unwanted calories. The types of exercises practiced in class are ideal for any age or fitness level, and are great for toning up.

You WILL feel more Relaxed and In Control:


We all experience stress in our lives, whether from pressure at school, work or home life. You can’t eliminate stress but if you don’t learn to manage it, you will suffer from the effects. Training at C.A.S.K. Karate gives you an outlet for your daily stress and it’s guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and more equipped to take on life’s challenges. The combination of physical training and positive environment in our martial art school will be just the boost you need to renew your enthusiasm.

You WILL be more Confident:


All of us have experienced the fear, anxiety or anger that results from confrontation with aggressive people, whether physically or verbally. C.A.S.K. Karate training can help you to replace those feelings with self-assurance and confidence. You can take pride in knowing you are able to stand up for yourself in any encounter.

You WILL learn to Defend Yourself:


 Our method of scenario-based training starts with simple, low-intensity attacks and responses, while steadily progressing towards higher levels of energy and skill. You learn to develop immediate muscle-memory reactions that are highly effective at neutralizing an attacker. But of even greater importance will be your ability to recognize that an attack is imminent and take steps to avoid becoming involved.

You WILL have FUN:


The martial arts are an exciting activity. The challenge of learning a skill, the social aspect of training with friends and escaping from our day-to-day routine are all part of why the martial arts becomes a life-long endeavor for millions of people. At C.A.S.K. Karate, our instructors are also students and they know why people keep coming back to class – because it’s fun!

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